Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.


Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. is an American manufacturer of flow monitoring products ideal for chemicals, corrosives, lubricating oil, non-hazardous gases, paint and waters in both industrial, mining, municipal, offshore, petrochemical and refining applications. We make vortex shedding, variable area and differential pressure laminar mass flow technology monitors providing local rate display, signal transmission and alarm switches as required. Variable area products can be used with all fluids and vortex shedding products are suitable for liquids of ≤ 5 centipoise / 50 Saybolt Universal Seconds. Laminar mass flow products are designed for clean, dry, non-hazardous pure gases or gas mixtures. Transmitter protocols include 4-20 mA DC analog, DC digital pulse, DC frequency, HART and Profinet. Liquid flow ranges are available from 0.5 – 5 gallons per hour to 150-1500 gallons per minute in pipe sizes from 1/8” through 8”. Gas flow ranges are available from 5-500 SCCM to 350 to 3500 SCFM. Select monitors are also available with integral temperature and/or pressure measurement sensors.


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