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HEMCO Corporation

in Hoods, fume collectors, Showers, emergency, Sinks, eye or face emergency, Storage cabinets, Scrubbers, fume, gas

Uniflow high performance, low flow fume hoods in models 30” to 96”wide. Benchtop and floor mount, 24”to 48” deep. Complete line of laboratory furniture, countertops, sinks, & fixture options. UniMax large floor mount hoods.

711 South Powell Road
Independence, MO 64056
United States

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De Dietrich Process Systems

in Consultants, engineering, Engineering: construction & field erection, Engineering: packaged pilot plants, Engineering: pilot plants, Engineering: plant design, Training personnel, maintenance, Linings, glass, Tanks, glass lined, Tanks, heated, Tanks, mixing, Tanks, pressurized storage, Tanks, stainless steel, Equipment, process, custom, Dryers, batch, Dryers, conical, vacuum, Dryers, drum, Dryers, drum, rotary vacuum, Dryers, infrared, Dryers, microwave, Dryers, pan, Dryers, vacuum, Dryers, vertical, Evaporators, agitated film, Evaporators, falling film, Evaporators, flash, Evaporators, low temperature, Evaporators, short path, Evaporators, thin film, Evaporators, wiped film, Filters, nutsche, Aftercoolers, Condensers, coil, Condensers, reflux, Condensers, shell & tube, Condensers, vapor, Coolers, coil, Heat exchangers, coil, Heat exchangers, falling film, Heat exchangers, glass, Heat exchangers, jacketed pipe, Heat exchangers, shell & tube, Heaters, process liquid, Preheaters, Reboilers, Mixers, anchor, Mixers, batch, Mixers, cone, Mixers, heated, Mixers, pressure, Mixers, propeller, Mixers, slurry, Mixers, top entering, Mixers, turbine, Packings, tower & column, ceramic, Packings, tower & column, random, Packings, tower & column, structured, Packings, trays for towers & columns, Trays & tower internals, Coalescers, Extraction equipment, Hydrogenation reactors, Reactors, continuous, Reactors, cooled, heated, Reactors, gas-liquid, Reactors, jacketed, Reactors, lined, glass, Reactors, pilot plant, Separators, Vessels, pressure, custom, Vessels, pressure, jacketed, dimple, Vessels, pressure, safety sight glass, Mixer-settlers, Solvent extraction systems, Scrubbers, fume, gas, Scrubbers, packed column, Scrubbers, plate column, Columns, absorption or adsorption, Columns, bubble cap, Columns, contacting or mixing, Columns, custom fabricated, Columns, packed, Columns, vacuum, Distillation columns, automatic packaged unit, Distillation columns, molecular distillation, Distillation columns, sieve tray, Distillation columns, steam stripping, Tower parts & accessories, Bag filling machines, vacuum, Bag, empty, handling systems, Drum filling equipment, Drum handling equipment, Batching & blending systems

5 rue de Lisbonne, CS70009
Strasbourg Cedex F-67012

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