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Matrix Service Company

in Engineering: construction & field erection, Plant decommissioning and dismantling, Plant relocation, Boilers, coal fired, Boilers, fire tube, Boilers, fluidized bed, Boilers, integral furnace, Boilers, natural gas fired, Boilers, oil fired, Boilers, waste heat recovery, Boilers, water tube, Cogeneration systems & equipment, Air separation equipment, cryogenic, Tank cleaning & removal, Tank fittings & accessories, Tanks, aluminum, Tanks, bladder, Tanks, carbon steel, Tanks, cryogenic, Tanks, custom fabricated, Tanks, dome roof, Tanks, double containment, Tanks, field-erected, Tanks, floating roof, Tanks, internal floating deck, Tanks, nickel or nickel alloys, Tanks, pressurized storage, Tanks, refrigerated, Tanks, rubber lined, Tanks, stainless steel, Tanks, stainless steel, lined, Tanks, water, Cleaning equipment, chemical, Cleaning equipment, tank cleaning, Heat exchangers, air cooled, Heat exchangers, all-welded, Heat exchangers, bayonet, Heat exchangers, cascade, Heat exchangers, coil, Heat exchangers, direct contact steam, Heat exchangers, double pipe, Heat exchangers, finned tube, Heat exchangers, plate, Heat exchangers, plate coil, Heat exchangers, plate fin, Heat exchangers, shell & tube, Air preheat systems, Heaters, direct fired, Heaters, drum, Heaters, feedwater, Heaters, finned tube, Heaters, gas fired, Heaters, helical coil, Heaters, immersion, Heaters, indirect fired (waterbath), Heaters, induction, Heaters, jacketed, Heaters, pipeline, Heaters, plate, Heaters, steam injection, Autoclaves, Scrubbers, fluidized bed, Scrubbers, fume, gas

5100 East Skelly Drive, Ste 100
Tulsa, OK 74135
United States

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Dipesh Engineering Works

in Engineering: plant design, Claddings & coatings, custom, Equipment, process, custom, Equipment, process, custom, cryogenic, Formings, exotic metal, custom, Pipe & pipe systems, custom, Dryers, drum, Dryers, drum, rotary vacuum, Dryers, paddle, Dryers, rotary, Dryers, spiral screw, Dryers, V cone, Dryers, vacuum, Crystallizers, evaporative, Crystallizers, vacuum, Evaporative systems, multiple effect, Evaporators, falling film, Evaporators, forced circulation, Filters, activated carbon, Filters, nutsche, Filters, pressure, Filters, sand, Aftercoolers, Condensers, air cooled, Condensers, coil, Condensers, shell & tube, Coolers, finned tube, Economizers, Heat exchangers, double pipe, Heat exchangers, falling film, Heat exchangers, jacketed pipe, Heat exchangers, shell & tube, Heat exchangers, spiral, Heat exchangers, titanium, Heat exchangers, U tube, Reboilers, Mixers, batch, Mixers, disc, Mixers, gas-liquid, high intensity, Mixers, gate, Mixers, High Viscosity, Mixers, paddle, Mixers, propeller, Mixers, top entering, Mixers, turbine, Blenders, cone, Blenders, ribbon, Blenders, tumbling V, Mixers, ribbon, Mixers, roller, Mixers, rotary blade, Mixers, rotary drum, Mixers, screw, Mixers, spiral ribbon, Mixers, spiral screw, Autoclaves, Bioreactors, Deaerators, degasifiers, Extraction equipment, Fermentation equipment & fermentors, Heads, process vessel, Hydrogenation reactors, Kettles, agitated, Kettles, crystallizing, Kettles, jacketed, Polymerizers, Reactors, gas-liquid, Reactors, jacketed, Reactors, jacketed, dimple, Reactors, jacketed, half-pipe, Reactors, lined, metal, Reactors, pilot plant, Reactors, rotary blade, Reactors, rotary disc, Vessels, pressure, cryogenic, Vessels, pressure, custom, Vessels, pressure, jacketed, dimple, Columns, absorption or adsorption, Columns, bubble cap, Columns, contacting or mixing, Columns, custom fabricated, Columns, packed, Columns, valve tray, Columns, wire mesh tray, Distillation columns, molecular distillation, Distillation columns, sieve tray, Distillation columns, steam stripping, Distillation columns, vapor compression

Sej Plaza, 1-3, 3rd Floor, Junction of S. V. Road
Near Nutan High School, Malad (W)
Mumbai 400064

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