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Pope Scientific, Inc.

in Engineering: modular process systems, Engineering: packaged pilot plants, Engineering: pilot plants, Pilot plant services, Tanks, cryogenic, Tanks, cryogenic, vacuum jacketed, Tanks, custom fabricated, Tanks, dimple jacketed, Tanks, heated, Tanks, mixing, Tanks, pressurized storage, Tanks, stainless steel, Tanks, stainless steel, lined, Equipment, process, custom, Equipment, process, custom, cryogenic, Dryers, vacuum, Evaporators, agitated film, Evaporators, falling film, Evaporators, flash, Evaporators, low temperature, Evaporators, short path, Evaporators, thin film, Evaporators, wiped film, Filters, nutsche, Mixers, air driven, Mixers, batch, Mixers, pressure, Mixers, propeller, Mixers, slurry, Mixers, top entering, Mixers, vacuum, Batching & blending systems, Bioreactors, Deaerators, degasifiers, Fermentation equipment & fermentors, Kettles, crystallizing, Kettles, electrically heated, Kettles, vacuum, Reactors, continuous, Reactors, cooled, heated, Reactors, jacketed, Reactors, jacketed, dimple, Reactors, lined, metal, Reactors, pilot plant, Vessels, plastic lined, Vessels, pressure, cryogenic, Vessels, pressure, custom, Vessels, pressure, jacketed, dimple, Monomer-recovery systems, Solvent recovery systems, Columns, custom fabricated, Columns, packed, Columns, vacuum, Distillation columns, automatic packaged unit, Distillation columns, molecular distillation

P.O. Box 80018
351 N. Dekora Woods Blvd.
Saukville, WI 53080
United States

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ROSS Mixers

in Tanks, settling, Tanks, carbon steel, Tanks, cryogenic, vacuum jacketed, Tanks, custom fabricated, Tanks, dimple jacketed, Tanks, mixing, Tanks, pressurized storage, Tanks, stainless steel, Tanks, tapered wall, Equipment, process, custom, Dryers, batch, Dryers, conical, vacuum, Dryers, paddle, Dryers, spiral screw, Dryers, steam jacketed, Dryers, tumble, Dryers, V cone, Dryers, vacuum, Dryers, vertical, Homogenizers, Homogenizers, high pressure, Liquid-mixer parts & accessories, Mixers, anchor, Mixers, batch, Mixers, chilled, Mixers, cone, Mixers, continuous, Mixers, disc, Mixers, gate, Mixers, heated, Mixers, High Viscosity, Mixers, paddle, Mixers, pipeline (inline), Mixers, pony, Mixers, portable, Mixers, pressure, Mixers, propeller, Mixers, slurry, Mixers, static, Mixers, top entering, Mixers, turbine, Mixers, vacuum, Batching & blending systems, Blenders, cone, Blenders, continuous, Blenders, horizontal, Blenders, inline, Blenders, liquid feed, Blenders, ribbon, Blenders, spiral, Blenders, tumbling V, Mixers, continuous kneaders, Mixers, double arm kneaders, Mixers, gravity flow, Mixers, high shear, Mixers, motionless, Mixers, other solid-liquid, Mixers, pan, Mixers, planetary, Mixers, ribbon, Mixers, roller, Mixers, rotary blade, Mixers, screw, Mixers, spiral ribbon, Mixers, vacuum tumble, Mixers, vertical stationary, Deaerators, degasifiers, Digesters, cookers, Kettles, agitated, Kettles, crystallizing, Kettles, electrically heated, Kettles, jacketed, Kettles, melting, Kettles, special metals, Kettles, vacuum, Reactors, cooled, heated, Reactors, jacketed, Reactors, jacketed, dimple, Reactors, jacketed, half-pipe, Reactors, rotary blade, Vessels, pressure, custom, Vessels, pressure, jacketed, dimple, Nozzles, mixing, Solvent recovery systems, Lumpbreakers for solid & liquid systems, Mills, colloid, Mills, disc, Mills, grinding, Mills, homogenizing, Mills, roller, Bins, Hoppers

710 Old Willets Path
P.O. Box 12308
Hauppauge, NY 11788-0615
United States

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Fax: 631-234-0691

Dedert Corporation

in Dryers, closed circuit, Dryers, flash, Dryers, fluidized bed, Dryers, ring, Dryers, spray, Crystallizers, evaporative, Evaporative systems, mechanical recompression, Evaporative systems, multiple effect, Evaporative systems, thermal recompression, Evaporators, forced circulation

Dedert has helped clients optimize their business across the world since 1968 with a complete range of advanced liquid and powder processing solutions.

17740 Hoffman way
Homewood, IL 60430
United States

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Croll Reynolds Co. Inc.

in Pumps, air driven, Pumps, vacuum, other, Steam jet ejectors, Vacuum pumping systems, Dryers, vacuum, Crystallizers, vacuum, Evaporative systems, thermal recompression, Condensers, barometric, Condensers, jet ejector, Condensers, shell & tube, Condensers, steam, Condensers, surface, Coolers, evaporative, Coolers, flash, Desuperheaters, Heat exchangers, direct contact steam, Heat exchangers, shell & tube, Heat exchangers, U tube, Deaerators, degasifiers, Conveyors, vacuum

Since 1917, Croll Reynolds has been a leader in the research, design, and manufacture of vacuum process systems. We design, install, and maintain Ejector Systems, Combination Liquid Ring/Ejector Systems, Thermocompressors, and Vacuum Chillers.

Six Campus Drive
Parsippany, NJ 7054
United States

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Canty Inc.

in Consultants, engineering, Lamps, incandescent, Lamps, photochemical, Lamps, ultraviolet, Lighting, explosion proof, Glass, Flares, stack & accessories, Analyzers, combustion, Analyzers, concentration, Analyzers, fats & oils, Analyzers, infrared, Analyzers, moisture content, Analyzers, near infrared, Analyzers, oil content, Analyzers, particle size, Analyzers, photometric, Analyzers, pore size, Analyzers, porosity, Analyzers, spectrometer, Analyzers, spectrophotometer, Analyzers, surface area, Analyzers, suspended solids, Analyzers, thermal, Analyzers, titration, Analyzers, total solids, Detectors, dust, Detectors, sludge blanket level, Samplers, solids, Monitors, colorimetric, Monitors, composition, Monitors, dust, Monitors, oil content, Monitors, particle size, Controllers, bin level, Controllers, boiler, Controllers, combustion, Controllers, liquid level, Controllers, process, Controllers, sludge level, Controllers, temperature, Alarms, combustion, Alarms, liquid level, Alarms, solids level, Gages, liquid level, Gages, tank, Glasses, furnace, Glasses, gage, Glasses, sight flow, Indicators, bin level, Indicators, color, Indicators, flow, Indicators, liquid level, Indicators, solids level, Indicators, temperature, Indicators, turbidity, Thermometers, infrared, Calorimeters, Cameras, high-speed, Chambers, test, Colorimeters, Detectors, interface, Meters, sludge, Meters, turbidity, Microscopes, Photometers, Pyrometers, Refractometers, Recorders, bin level, Recorders, liquid level, Recorders, turbidity, Tank fittings & accessories, Tanks, custom fabricated, Tanks, glass lined, Glasses, safety, Rupture discs, Centrifuge parts & accessories, Centrifuges, batch, automatic basket, Centrifuges, other, Liquid-liquid processing, Particle size control systems, Equipment, process, custom, Dryer parts & accessories, Dust collector parts & accessories, Filter parts & accessories, Filter systems, Liquid-mixer parts & accessories, Solid-liquid-mixer parts & accessories, Autoclaves, Biochemical equipment, Fermentation equipment & fermentors, Reactors, pilot plant, Oil purification equipment, Online diagnostics of columns, Solids feeders, proportioning, Solids feeders, volumetric, Scales, continuous weighing, Scales, conveying, Scales, counting, Scales, hopper, Scales, railroad car

6100 Donner Rd.
Buffalo, NY 14094
United States

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Fax: 716-625-4228