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A new Magnum Model 72 Screen Classifying Cutter from Munson Machinery reduces infeed products spanning a wider range of sizes, at approximately 75 percent higher rates than standard size models of equivalent length. The cutter features an 18 in. (457 mm) overall diameter rotor, versus the standard 10.5 in. (267 mm) diameter rotor, and contains a 72 in. (1829 mm) long helical array of 72 interconnected "four-sided stars" which hold 288 carbide cutter tips that continuously shear oversize materials against twin, stationary bed knives. With no frontal gaps between the cutter tips, material is cut into uniform pieces with minimum imperfections or fines, and little to no generation of heat.


A new Munson Ribbon Blender that meets USDA sanitary standards, blends up to 1.84 cu m of powders, pastes or slurries. The unit, model HD-3.5-7-S316, is constructed of #316 stainless steel with continuous welds having 6 mm radii polished to 150 grit, a #4 (-32 Ra) interior surface finish and external removable seals.


Flexicon is an international organization with administrative, engineering and manufacturing capabilities on four continents, and an extensive worldwide network of applications engineers, authorized representatives and field support technicians to serve you—a unique consolidation of bulk handling specialists with hundreds of years of combined experience. At the local level, this personnel provides the knowledge and resources needed to satisfy the diverse requirements of individual process plants country-by-country, while providing the worldwide infrastructure, long-term vision, stability and single source capability required by multi-national organizations. An extensive research and development program continually sets new standards for bulk handling equipment performance with entirely new designs, product improvements and equipment that complies with certifications required by governmental and industry associations for chemical, food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications—both nationally and internationally. Flexicon's design engineering staff devises efficient solutions to the most unusual problems with highly custom equipment, basing solutions on unique customer requirements, not merely on existing product line offerings. This approach provides each customer with the most efficient solution to his or her individual problem, and endows Flexicon with a depth and breadth of bulk handling experience unequalled by any other comparable manufacturer in the world.

Dacon Inspection Services Celebrates 20-Year Anniversary Milestone

Two decades of the leading inspection service provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

Dacon completes a major pipeline inspection project in Japan

Dacon Inspection Services has successfully completed the Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging inspection at a major strategic storage hub in Japan.

Dacon completes major pipeline inspection project in TianJin Chiana

Dacon Inspection Services has completed an Ultrasonic Intelligent Pigging inspection in Tianjin, China.

Dacon launch “Long Range Ultrasonic Testing”

Dacon recently held a “Long Range Ultrasonic Testing Grand Opening” event to showcase it’s latest inspection technology.

Introducing SIS-TAG brand Safety Instrumented System Device Identification Tags

SIS-TAG® brand Safety Instrumented System Device Identification Tags provide for high visibility and asset management of safety critical devices in harsh environments in the process industries.

Introducing SIS-TAG brand Safety Instrumented System Device Identification Tags

SIS-TAG® brand Safety Instrumented System Device Identification Tags provide for high visibility and asset management of safety critical devices in harsh environments in the process industries.

Versatile, strong, dependable, safe – Maag's pumps for the chemical process industry

Maags broad choice of different gear pumps, predominantly for the chemical process industry, include the following models: CINOX/THERMINOX® pump system – Versatile cinox/therminox® gear pumps are predominantly used in the chemical process industry. Large viscosity, temperature and pressure ranges paired with abrasive solids and corrosiveness of the products conveyed make it indispensable to design the pumps individually to suit the product. The cinox/therminox® meets these very high demands not only because it is made of stainless steel, but also because it can be heated, if necessary. REFINEX/REFITHERM® pump system – Strong The refinex/refitherm® pump series is designed especially for chemical and industrial plants and refineries where high process pressure, high temperatures and highly viscous media play an important role. The refinex/refitherm® pumps withstand pressures up to 350 bar and are thus reliable partners. HYDROLUB ®pump system – Dependable The hydrolub ® pump is ideally suited for plants in continuous operation or in technical process plants where variety of products but also reliability are in demand. The Maag lubrication pump has performed reliably for more than 50 years. It can use a large number of components, making it ideal for demanding transport media. H Series – Standardized This H Series pump was developed for plants where reliable lubrication is demanded, but also for areas such as PUR (polyol). The products to be transported have specific characteristics that can be clearly delimited, which is why the H Series can be standardized. This results in a simple design, short delivery times and cost-optimized processes. Mag Drive (magnetic coupling ) – Safe Thanks to its hermetically sealed magnetic coupling, the Mag Drive is ideally suitable for the transport of toxic media. The product chamber of the gear pump is completely separated from the environment by a containment shell. The torque is transmitted contact-free from the motor shaft to the pump shaft by high-performance permanent magnets. The Mag Drive is characterized by high operational reliability and extremely low maintenance requirements.

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